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Transportation arrangements are an integral but fragile element in the effectiveness of adult day care services in Vermont and nationwide. Almost by definition, adult day center participants generally cannot drive due to cognitive and/or physical limitations. Since adult day care services are congregate in nature and serve community-residing elders, this long-term care option is feasible only when there are arrangements to transport elders to and from service centers. Transportation is therefore a major issue for adult day care services.

The aim of this report is to call attention to transportation issues in adult day care services in Vermont. The report provides an overview of adult day care transportation arrangements for the state and focuses on the dimensions of transportation arrangements that are critical to the success or failure of adult day care services. The report is based on information from a number of sources. Interviews were conducted during November and December of 2001 with administrators of all of the adult day care service programs in the state. Administrators were asked to report on their involvement with transportation arrangements, their sources of transportation services, transportation financing, and issues in offering transportation services effectively. Additional information for this report was obtained through interviews with directors of several regional public transportation agencies and administrators in the Vermont Department of Aging and Disability. Also reported here is a statistical profile of individual transportation arrangements reported by nine centers for 389 participants. These centers provided information for each of their participants on the mode of transportation used, the distance traveled, the travel time, and the sources of transportation financing.



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