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Seniors Count is an ongoing outreach initiative under the direction of Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino with the leadership and support of Joyce Williams, Boston's Commissioner on Affairs of the Elderly. The program's purpose is to "identify and reach out to those members of the city's elderly population who live in private housing arrangements and help provide them with the information and services they [may] need" (Boston Commission on Affairs of the Elderly, 2002). Since the program's inception in 1999, it has reached over 5,500 community-dwelling elders in the City of Boston (Boston Commission on Affairs of the Elderly, 2002).

The purpose of this study was to conduct a follow-up assessment of the first phase of Seniors Count. This follow-up study provides insights into Seniors Count participants' satisfaction with the program, how well participants felt their needs had been addressed, and whether new needs had arisen since their 1999 in-person household interviews. In addition, respondents were asked about health status, neighborhoods, safety, voting behavior, and their perception of Boston as an "elder-friendly" city. The current report provides information and data collected from the Seniors Count Phase I Follow-Up Study and will share information about elders' experiences with Seniors Count, as well as descriptive information about these other areas of interest.


This project was conducted with partial funding and support provided by the Boston Commission on Affairs of the Elderly, by the Gerontology Institute, and by the College of Public and Community Service, University of Massachusetts Boston.



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