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This report reflects the partnership between the University of Massachusetts Boston’s Gastón Institute and Bunker Hill Community College’s Center for Equity and Cultural Wealth to build cultural inclusivity in curricular and co-curricular practices with the diverse student bodies served by both postsecondary institutions.

The partnership was created with the aim to develop activities and create data, including data sharing and joint data collection, to explore and create common research questions that will help close diversity gaps across the two institutions. This report is part of a study that seeks to improve the partners’ understanding of student transfer pathways between these two Minority Serving institutions and how they are used in order to advance student success. The study will help to inform strategies to advance student success by identifying common challenges facing students who transfer from BHCC to UMB. Additionally, data analysis will highlight areas for improving student enrollment, retention, and graduation rates. The findings will inform best practices for helping the students succeed in both of our Institutions



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