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Latinos and Latinas comprise an increasing share of eligible voters in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, yet their political leadership at all levels of government is less than proportionate to Latino populations across the state. 82 Latinos and Latinas hold seats in local elected governing bodies and offices and in the Massachusetts Legislature. However, significant leadership gaps persist at the state level and in the state’s congressional delegation. In addition, leadership gaps at the local level remain a reality in most Latino communities across the state.

Currently, more Latinas than Latinos serve in local offices (city council and school committee), while more Latinos than Latinas serve in the legislature.

Lawrence, Chelsea, Holyoke, Springfield, and Lynn are the cities with the highest concentration of Latinos in their communities. However, only Lawrence and Chelsea have a relatively high rate of Latino and Latino leadership, each reaching 60% of elected officials. Brockton and Holyoke follow with near-proportional Latino political representation compared to their share of Latino residents.



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