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Among the many types of services that promote the country’s general welfare, military service is among the most noble. People in the military are keenly aware that their service can place their lives at risk so that others keep their economic, political, and social wellbeing. In addition, those with families are aware that hazardous duty pay for deployment in a war zone in no way compensates for the stress placed on their families. This report estimates that 10,674 Latino veterans live in Massachusetts and provides a descriptive comparison to both non-Latino veterans and non-veteran Latinos. These veterans are 1.2% of the Latino population, while non-Latino veterans make up 5.2% of the non-Latino population.

This report provides a profile of Latino and non-Latino veterans in Massachusetts using 2014–2018 American Community Survey data. The population are compared to nonveteran Latinos and non-Latino non-veterans.



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