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The purpose of this study was to assess Puerto Rican mother’s levels of exposure to the Spanish media campaign launched by Por Ahi Dicen, and to assess the identification mothers had with these stories. The methodology consisted of in-person survey interviews of 210 Puerto Rican mothers residing in the city of Springfield, Massachusetts. The study used a sub-set of data taken from these interviews and analyzed using Microsoft Excel and Stata15. The major finding of this study showed that the mothers who regularly watched television in the 90-day campaign time frame were more exposed to the campaign than they were with the other media formats: newspaper and radio– radio having had the lowest exposure rates of the campaigns. However, our second finding showed that even though the mothers were more exposed to the campaign through television, they felt more identification with the stories from the newspaper’s ads than from the other media formats. These results may indicate that having media sources that are easily accessible/retrievable throughout the day may be the most effective strategy in campaigning for public service and health announcements. This study may also lead to the implementation of social media campaign for easier access to hard-to-reach communities.

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