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This report presents the results of an assessment of the participation and outcomes of Latinos in the Massachusetts Employment and Training (ET) Choices Program. From the start of the ET program, there has been evidence that Latinos participate at rates comparable to that of other groups, but that their outcomes in terms of job placements and wages fall well below the outcome rates of any other group of participants. The main goal of this report is to ascertain the experience of Latino participants in ET and the individual and program factors that present barriers to their successful participation in this program.

The study, conducted with the collaboration of the Department of Public Welfare (DPW), focuses on the experience of 300 Latinos in Boston who began their participation in ET in the summer and fall of 1987. It follows their participation through the program until the spring of 1990. In addition, 30 in-depth interviews were conducted with a self-selected group of participants from the above sample. Interviews with contractors with large Latino caseloads (over 50%) were also conducted.


This paper is one of a series on Latinos in Massachusetts and education. The research for this paper was funded by a grant of the Inter-University Program on Latino Research and the Social Science Research Council (IUP/SSRC). Miren Uriarte is a sociologist on the faculty of the College of Public and Community Service of the University of Massachusetts at Boston and the director of the Gaston Institute.



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