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Many of you are in the same position that many of us are in the academy or at the community level. We have two jobs. That of doing the work we are paid to do - be it research or anything else - as well as developing the awareness of those around us of the particular needs of Latinos in the hopes of having the community receive a more equitable treatment.

In my experience, there is no other way to accomplish both jobs and remain sane without getting together with others in the same situation and discussing strategies and action. I salute you in your organization and hope that your deliberations here this week are fruitful.

Tonight I wanted to talk to you about social change, not revolutionary change, but rather a gradual change in the social and demographic makeup of the United States and its implications to the work of those of us involved on issues affecting Latinos.


Presentation at the Retreat of Hispanics in Philanthropy, New York, October 28, 1991.



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