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Research Report

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An archaeogeophysical survey was carried out in May 2010 using Geonics EM-38 RT and a Malå Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) system with a 500 MHz antenna over an 28x26 m grid immediately northeast of the Loring-Greenough house in Jamaica Plain, MA. Three major anomalies were identified. These anomalies have not been ground truthed, but they appear to be archaeological features. First, we suggest that there is builders trench just north of the house. Second, we suggest that there could be three east-west garden paths or other landscape features about 30 cm below the surface crossing the entire length of the survey grid. Third, we suggest that there could be a buried foundation or cellar hole 110 cm below the ground surface and 20 m north of the house. We recommend additional archaegeophysics be performed at the Loring-Greenough house, as well as a program of exploratory archaeological investigations with the goal of better understanding the past landscape around the house.


Prepared for the Jamaica Plain Tuesday Club by the Fiske Center at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

Cultural Resources Management Study No. 40.