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climate change, Boston, flooding, sea level rise


Environmental Health and Protection | Environmental Policy | Environmental Sciences | Natural Resources Management and Policy | Sustainability


Climate Change is impacting everything in our society and in our world. The changes we are already experiencing are starting to multiply and accelerate. Determining how to respond to this new reality wisely within the governance and governmental structures that we have built is a complex challenge. Some might argue it is humankind’s greatest test. Given the monumental size of this task, it is difficult to simultaneously address all of the related issues both broadly and deeply. This is the third and final in a series of reports from the Sustainable Solutions Lab that were sponsored by the Boston Green Ribbon Commission with the generous support of the Barr Foundation. The goal of these reports was to build on the work done by the Climate Ready Boston process and explore select topics in more depth.

This report takes a deep dive into a single issue: how the structure and tools of the local, regional, and state government can be modified and enhanced to minimize the impacts of climate changed-induced flooding (due to both sea level rise and increased precipitation) on Boston’s built environment. The goal here is to build on the two previous reports and help chart a path forward with both immediate next steps and transformational thinking.

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