Date of Award


Document Type

Campus Access Dissertation

Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Clinical Psychology

First Advisor

Karen L. Suyemoto

Second Advisor

David W. Pantalone

Third Advisor

Rajini Srikanth


Background: The enduring nature of racism calls for focus on White people and their engagement with racial justice. While interventions aimed at reducing prejudice have been widely studied, less is known about intervening to facilitate learning related to ally development. Objectives: The first monograph presents an integration of prejudice reduction intervention and ally development literature, which have traditionally existed in different domains of psychology. The second monograph tests whether components of a comprehensive intervention impact White people’s attitudes towards people of color, colorblindness, ethnocultural empathy, and White privilege attitudes. Design: The first monograph is a synthesis of prejudice reduction intervention and ally development literature. The second monograph utilizes national online survey recruitment and intervention engagement of White individuals (n = 472). Results: In the second monograph, using repeated measures ANCOVAs, Participants across intervention groups demonstrated increase warmth towards people of color, whereas participants who engaged with the full intervention demonstrated positive changes in relation to some of the other outcome variables, such as ethnocultural empathy and willingness to confront White privilege. Conclusion: Interventions can impact White people’s knowledge and understanding of racial justice issues, with more complicated aspects like racism and White privilege requiring more comprehensive or different intervention.


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