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Research Report

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older workers, Boston, Massachusetts, secure employment, ageism


Demography, Population, and Ecology | Family, Life Course, and Society | Gerontology | Work, Economy and Organizations


As this report makes clear, work challenges experienced by older people are not uncommon in Boston. Retraining and upgrading skills are required for some people to retain or secure employment. For those who have not participated in job search for some time, support with job seeking strategies may be necessary. Programs that also offer socioemotional support are helpful to some older job-seekers. Yet while training and job search support is an important part of the solution, these are not the only targets of intervention required. Employers need to be educated about successful strategies that will help them to retain their older employees, and ways to recruit new employees who will contribute to the age diversity of their organizations. To support this effort, employers need to be included in the conversation and recruited as part of the solution. Tackling ageism at work and throughout all sectors will further contribute to strengthening work outcomes. Promoting age-friendly workplaces throughout Boston can successfully contribute to improving the Boston employment landscape for older residents.



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