The Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility across the Atlantic: Reviews, Issues and Perspectives will be held at the University of Massachusetts Boston from May 22-23, 2019.


Comparative research in CSR between Europe and the United State has identified significant differences between companies on each side of the Atlantic. We invite submissions that address, but are not restricted to, the following issues:

  • Comparison of CSR practices, strategies and policies in the US and Europe
  • The intra-and-inter organizational factors influencing CSR activities and how they differ across countries
  • The lived experience of micro-actors in charge of CSR implementation within the organization and how they live differently in the US and Europe
  • Differential impact on financial performance and value of CSR activities in the US and Europe
  • Differences in sustainability disclosure across countries, including mandated and voluntary sustainability reporting
  • The relationship of CSR and corporate governance in the US and Europe
  • The relationship of carbon trading and prices to CSR in US and European markets
  • The role of Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) practices and impact on CR outcomes in the US and Europe
  • "Logistics Land Sea Risk": Differences between CSR policies and practices in the maritime industry across the US and Europe.
  • Differences of CSR in a service dominated (SD) economy
  • How can CSR lead to transformative life experiences for customers (TSR)


The best papers will be submitted for consideration to a special issue in the Society & Business Review that will be published in 2020.


Atreya Chakraborty, University of Massachusetts Boston, USA
Lucia Silva Gao, University of Massachusetts Boston, USA
Yoann Bazin, Ecole de Management de Normandie, France
Linh Chi Vo, Ecole de Management de Normandie, France


Thomas Roulet
Editor at @Management

Vassili Joannides
Editor at International Business Research