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It is difficult, probably impossible, to compare objectively the seriousness of racial problems and tensions in Boston with those in other cities. However, there can be little doubt that there is a widespread perception that relationships between blacks and whites in Boston constitute a serious problem. Specifically, one image is that Boston is a community in which blacks are not welcome and in which they are treated with unusual hostility and abuse. Another image is that whites in Boston are unfairly maligned as racists and bigots.

In 1980, following several race-related incidents, The Boston Committee was formed. The purpose of the Committee is to direct an integrated effort to address the problems that contribute to racial tension and conflict in Boston. A needed first step was a clear, factually-based definition of the real problems in Boston.

Black and White Perspectives on the Quality of Life in Boston -- Final.pdf (911 kB)
Black and White Perceptions of Quality of Life in Boston -- Executive Summary, March 1982



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