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The Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program was launched in October of 1993. At that time, the Center for Survey Research conducted the Massachusetts Tobacco Survey (MTS), a comprehensive survey of adults and teens living in Massachusetts. The purpose of the survey was to collect baseline data on the prevalence of tobacco use among adults and teens in the Commonwealth and on issues related to the likelihood of smoking cessation or initiation. The survey also assessed the prevalence of restrictive smoking policies, and attitudes about tobacco control measures. The baseline data serve as a standard against which the impact of various programs sponsored by the Department of Public Health can be assessed. Technical details about the MTS and reports of the results are available from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

In January, 1995 the Department of Public Health contracted with the Center for Survey Research to carry out a second survey monitoring tobacco use and related attitudes and behaviors among adults in the Commonwealth. This second survey, known as the Massachusetts Adult Tobacco Survey (MATS), has been carried out monthly since March of 1995. Data are aggregated at the end of each calendar year. MATS is similar to the MTS in that initial screening interviews are carried out with a household member who provides demographic and smoking status information about other adults in the household. One member of the household is then randomly selected for extended interview. The annual sample for this survey is smaller than that used for the MTS and does not include teens. It also differs from the MTS in that smokers were not over-sampled, nor were members of minority groups. The sample was geographically stratified as was the MTS. (More details on the sampling design are presented in Chapter I.)

Technical Reports are available for the 1993 MTS survey, and for the 1995 through 1999 MATS surveys. Please refer to those reports for descriptions of the respective surveys and a more general discussion of the use of the telephone survey for data collection. This report presents methodological details of the 2000 MATS. It contains an appendix of tables of major results for data collected each year. Nontechnical reports describing the major results are available from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.



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