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In 2015, Just-a-Start Corporation (JAS) of Cambridge, MA asked the UMass Boston Center for Social Policy to conduct an assessment of the impacts of the Biomedical Careers Program on the region and state, examining individual impacts for graduates as well as the economic contributions of program graduates to the biomedical industry.

The Biomedical Careers Program (hereafter “BioMed”) is described by JAS as an eight month program designed to enable local residents to complete “a Certificate in Biomedical Sciences to prepare them for entry level jobs at local biotechnology companies, universities, research institutions, clinical laboratories and hospitals. The program includes a comprehensive laboratory skills course, as well as career counseling and job placement assistance. After the course, participants of the program come out with eight (8) college credits from Bunker Hill Community College.” The jobs that the program aims to train graduates for include: laboratory technician/assistant, quality control technician, biologics manufacturing assistant, and animal care technician.

The program offers free classroom and laboratory preparation to qualified applicants. It is targeted at students with a need for socioeconomic advancement. The program is one of several workforce development programs that are part of the city of Cambridge’s economic development initiatives.


Report by Brandynn Holgate, Françoise Carré, with the assistance of Michael McCormack and Wendel Mirbel.

CSP-UMB_JAS-BioMedCareer_ExecSummary.pdf (694 kB)
Assessment of Impacts of the Biomedical Careers Program – Just-a-Start Corporation of Cambridge, MA, Executive Summary



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