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This report presents findings from the second year of the evaluation of the Pathways to Family Success Programs (PFS) funded by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE) and conducted by the Center for Social Policy (CSP) for the period September 2010 through June 2011. The 2010-2011 evaluation aimed to determine the extent to which PFS activities and interventions were effective in supporting learning outcomes and goal attainment for participating families and their children, and to identify strengths and areas of growth for the PFS Programs and partners. There were four Program sites implementing the PFS indepth project during the second year evaluation period. These leading agencies for the PFS sites included the following:

  • Cambridge Community Learning Center
  • Greater Lawrence Community ActionCouncil, Inc.
  • Holyoke Public Schools
  • Berkshire Children and Families, Inc.

The evaluation design involved gathering information on three different outcome levels: the first level includes outcomes for adults, children and families; the second includes outcomes at the program level, and the third focuses on outcomes for the community partnership as a whole. The evaluation utilized a mixed-method approach including both qualitative and quantitative methods and a range of data sources to answer the research questions related to the PFS indepth projects and community partnerships. The evaluation team also conducted case studies of a sample of Pathways Families by interviewing two families from each Pathways site at two points in time.


Prepared for the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Adult and Community Learning Services Division.



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