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Alternative staffing is a key form of labor market intermediation worthy of consideration alongside that provided by other community-based job placement programs. Furthermore, an examination of alternative staffing services underscores the essential role that supports to employment play in job-brokering for workers who are disadvantaged in the labor market because these are businesses that tend simultaneously and daily to the two sides of the work relationship (worker-client and customer business). Much can be learned from their experiences about the expertise and resources required to effectively broker jobs for these kinds of workers—expertise and resources that could be necessary if public-sector institutions and other NGOs are given increasing responsibility for brokering jobs for workers who face labor market disadvantages.


Report of the National Study of Alternative Staffing Services.

PROJECT TEAM: Françoise Carré, Ph.D. (Principal Investigator) Joaquín Herranz, Jr. (Project Coordinator and Research Associate) Dorie Seavey, Ph.D. (Consultant) Carlha Vickers (Research Associate)

RESEARCH ASSISTANTS: Ashley Aull, Ilana Brito, Rebecca Keegan, Laura O’Neill, Qingxia Tong, and Brian Twomey

Research for this publication was conducted at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts with funding from the Ford Foundation, New York, New York.

Published by the University of Massachusetts Boston by arrangement with the President and Fellows of Harvard College.



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