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On April 10 and 11, 2007, the Center for Social Policy convened a conference exploring policy visions from the New Deal and Great Society and their implications for today’s policy thinking. Titled, "Looking Back and Looking Ahead", this conference took place at the University of Massachusetts Boston Campus Center and the John F. Kennedy Library.

The conference was designed as an opportunity for speakers and participants to reflect on the lessons learned from these two watershed eras of policy innovation and their implications for looking forward. Policy actors and experts participated in three panel discussions on the historical context of the two eras, socio-economic issues and policy of the times, and arguments for compensatory education policy. Each of the three panels was moderated by a facilitator. Following is a summary of the proceedings: the talks by the policy actors and experts; their responses and comments to the question and answer sessions, and the learning conversations among conference participants that took place in the breakout sessions following featured panel discussions.

Presenters and participants were drawn from the fields of social policy, education policy, and history . They included former policy actors, representatives of civil society organizations (advocacy, public information, associations of public officials) and philanthropy, academics, and expert consultants.


Proceedings of a conference held April 10-11, 2007 and convened by the Center for Social Policy.

Project sponsored by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.



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