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In 2004, Natick submitted a Beneficial Use Determination Application for a restricted use determination by the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for a pilot project to demonstrate that debris collected from sweeping Town roads could be reused to the benefit of the Town. By doing this, the Town would avoid the associated high landfill disposal costs of the sweeping debris, as well as of the cost of disposing excess compost that the Town could now mix with the debris. The majority of the “sweeping debris” is sand the Town uses on its roads during the winter. This pilot tested soil samples collected from sweeping debris piles stored at the closed Town gravel pit to compare with draft standards in draft Beneficial Use Regulations. After meeting the draft regulation, the pilot project went on to show that the sweeping debris can be mixed with composted yard waste to make a soil additive that supports vegetation growth on the slopes of the closed gravel pit.



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