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Research Report

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Winter 1-20-2024


This report is a joint publication of the Center for Peace, Democracy, and Development (CPDD) through its conflict early warning arm, the Conflict Early Warning Analytics Program (CEWAP) and the TRUST Network (TN), which is the first conflict early warning system in the United States. CEWAP is the conflict early warning analytical hub of the TRUST Network. Together, CEWAP and the TRUST Network aim to expand the utilization of authentic community-based conflict early warning and early response through practice, research, technology development, training, and community empowerment.

This report focuses on hate crimes, hate groups and their connection to domestic extremism, and the threats posed by these crimes and groups to social cohesion. Hate crimes have a significant impact on communities beyond the direct victims, as they create a climate of fear and tension and contribute to the targeting of society’s most vulnerable groups. Addressing hate crimes and promoting tolerance and inclusivity is thus an important priority for both law enforcement and civil society. This report argues that any analysis of hate crimes, hate groups, or violent domestic extremism must be data driven and evidence based to track these threats more accurately and to respond to hate crimes, hate groups and domestic extremism more effectively.



Reyes Coll-Tellechea, Professor, UMass Boston & Chair, Boston Human Rights Commission 

Darren Kew, Professor, UMass Boston & Executive Director, CPDD 

Prabha Sankaranarayan, MS, President & CEO of Mediators Beyond Borders International  

DG Mawn, M.A., JD, President for the National Association for Community Mediation   

Lisa Broderick, MBA, Founder and Executive Director of Police2Peace 

For further information contact: 

Center for Peace, Democracy, and Development 


Community Engaged/Serving

Part of the UMass Boston Community-Engaged Teaching, Research, and Service Series. //



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