Submissions from 2013


The UMass Boston Bachelors of Science in Information Technology, Deborah Boisvert, Ricardo Checchi, William Campbell, Jean-Pierre Kuilboer, Roger Blake, Robert Cohen, and Oscar Gutierrez

Submissions from 2006


Enumerations of the Kolmogorov function, Richard Beigel, Harry Buhrman, Peter Fejer, Lance Fortnow, Piotr Grabowski, Luc Longpré, Andrej Muchnik, Frank Stephan, and Leen Torenvliet

Submissions from 1996


Decidability of the Two-Quantifier Theory of the Recursively Enumerable Weak Truth-Table degrees and other Distributive Upper Semi-Lattices, Klaus Ambos-Spies, Peter A. Fejer, Steffen Lempp, and Manuel Lerman