The paper outlines participant experiences in a rhizomatic MOOC, #rhizo14. We begin with a brief outline of the structure of the course before presenting our five participant narratives to illustrate our beliefs that, for us, the #rhizo14 community became more than the curriculum. We then discuss some of the common themes in our narratives: the role that the Facebook group held in fostering our feelings of community, how the diversity of voices in the course promoted learning and engagement of group members, the formation of sub-communities with diverse interests, and the flexibility of participation that the course encouraged. While acknowledging the partiality of our narratives, we conclude that the emphasis in #rhizo14 on contribution and creation rather than content mastery encouraged a sense of "eventedness" (shared experience), which allowed our community to thrive.


rhizomatic learning, MOOC, cMOOC, connectivism, rMOOC



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