As we move nearly a half-decade beyond The New York Times’ declaring 2012 the "Year of the MOOC," the range of discussants involved in discourse on MOOCs has narrowed, yet the sophistication of scholarship produced continues to deepen. This second in a two-part series of special issues of Current Issues in Emerging eLearning celebrates this rich, new scholarship on MOOC theory and practice. Volume 3, Issue 1: MOOC Design and Delivery: Opportunities and Challenges presents an underlying argument: that the MOOC frontier can inform our decisions regarding all manner of educational approaches, from clickers in the classroom to evolving competency-based models. Given CIEE’s “intentionally eclectic" mission to promote “scholarship on the disruptions teaching with technology bring to all segments of the marketplace" and to publish "critical assessments of eLearning in its many forms," upcoming issues of this journal will provide heterogeneous coverage of eLearning topics, though editorial board members welcome this opportunity to share a second collection of important MOOC research studies in this publication.


MOOCs, year of the MOOC



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