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Open Access Capstone

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Delores B. Gallo

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Nina Greenwald


In a pluralistic society like America, some of the most important dispositions for students to develop are open-mindedness, tolerance, and a valuing of the contributions of persons from a variety of different backgrounds. In this interdisciplinary unit entitled: An Immigrations Unit Appreciation and Tolerance, I offer one set of procedures by which to develop these dispositions along with other significant learnings in critical and creative thinking. Following a description of the fifth grade suburban classroom setting in which I did the work, I offer a selective review of relevant literature in the field of in order to detail my conceptual framework. Next I present a narrative description of the twenty-four lessons focusing on the topic of immigration through which the development of critical and creative thinking is done. The lessons include the use of role taking, interviewing, story telling and developing empathy using drama. They also include skills such as frame of reference, the use of Venn diagrams, comparing and contrasting, question generating, predicting consequences, observation and inference and decision making. I conclude with a discussion of the evaluation procedures used; portfolios and journals and my own final reflections of the unit. It is my hope that my students will gain a true understanding of and a tolerance for the diverse cultures in our world, as well as an appreciation for their contributions to America.