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Open Access Capstone

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Arthur Millman


This paper emerges from my work as Coordinator of Job Placement at Bristol Community College over the last 19 months, in which I have had the opportunity to try new approaches to problem-solving and pursue professional growth as I serve students in higher education. The recent economic crisis has left millions of Americans out of work across most sectors. Displaced workers are flocking to community colleges to upgrade and learn new skills with the goal of becoming more marketable to potential employers. Enrollments have soared, while costs have risen and budgets cut. These conditions place an undue burden on these institutions, which are responsible for educating and training tomorrow's workforce. This paper examines the role of community colleges in our society in the context of how an economic decline impacts their mission. Businesses, which depend on community colleges to supply a steady stream of talent so they can grow and prosper, are urged to continue on-campus recruitment programs despite dwindling recruitment budgets. A guide presents employers with a rationale and strategies for maintaining a strong campus presence.


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