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Open Access Capstone

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Master of Arts (MA)

First Advisor

Robert Ricketts

Second Advisor

Jeremy Szteiter


This paper discusses significant issues affecting Multicultural Women Graduate Students at the University of Massachusetts Boston, a Predominately White Institution, for creating a centralized graduate resources weblink on the Office of Graduate Studies website. The intervention seeks to address navigating gender and race inequalities that create a double bind experience of stress within a dominant academic culture that reinforces isolation, intersectional barriers, microaggressions, and pressure to assimilate to the dominant culture. Facilitation of this proposal will impact Multicultural Women Graduate Students, the Office of Graduate Studies, the Provost’s Office which oversees the OGS, and the entirety of the University of Massachusetts Boston graduate student body. Finally, I reflect on the Critical and Creative Thinking Program’s scholastic influence by applying Systems Thinking methods as a solution-based approach to address the cause-and-effect consequences of non-inclusive paradigms and systemic hierarchies.