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Open Access Capstone

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Robert Ricketts

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Jeremy Szteiter


International education programs, like the one proposed by the IB Organization, offer students across the world education for global, internationally-minded citizens. Nonetheless, the definition and often, the use of these terms are vague and, for the most part, refers to education and practices of Western countries that are Eurocentric in nature. It is necessary to develop coherence between the principles expressed in many international education frameworks and the reality of their practices. For this, it is fundamental that explicit guidance on culturally responsive teaching practices is acknowledged and provided by organizations like the IB. This paper provides theoretical support explaining why explicit ways to include culturally responsive practices in the classroom is essential. It also offers a couple of checklists that teachers can use ahead of schools or school districts training on cultural responsiveness. The lists are based on the design of several versions of acid tests.