Date of Completion

Spring 6-10-2019

Document Type

Open Access Capstone

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

First Advisor

Bobby Ricketts

Second Advisor

Peter J. Taylor


In this paper, I adapt and explore a model of sustainability supplemented by critical and creative tools, whereby I seek to enhance methods for self-guidance throughout my life journey, and ultimately, place myself in a position to better lead others. The sustainability model and the critical and creative thinking tools selected represent a starting point for an ongoing reflective practice where I seek to utilize critical thinking to evaluate what's working well and what's not, and "hold ideas in tension with alternatives", and creative thinking to generate said alternatives as needed. Through the lens of the adapted self-sustainability model, I seek to address two issues in particular: (1) how to avoid depleting resources such as time, money, and energy/health, and, (2) how to increase well-being based on various parameters for well-being which I consider as being most crucial in an immediate sense. The questions to be explored in this ongoing practice are: (How) will a practice of supporting a typically intuitive life-approach with a set of tools which enable me to recognize and evaluate events, experiences, observations, patterns, etc., using rational or reflective methodology, result in decision-making which works to improve self-sustainability, i.e., fewer depleted resources, and increased well-being? The critical and creative thinking tools to be adopted and adapted should, primarily, serve to help address issues from a variety of perspectives, evaluate or foresee consequences, and generate qualitative alternative ideas and viewpoints. Finally, I consider possible next steps for continuing my inquiry.


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