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Open Access Capstone

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Master of Arts (MA)

First Advisor

Carol Smith


How can middle managers successfully improve work conditions and performance of their staff as part of becoming a better manager? This synthesis reviews relevant literature to develop five key principles in my argument: Motivation is the key, the change process begins with me, change is an ongoing and fluid process, middle managers have a need for team and middle managers play different roles during team building. I have also developed a handy booklet for the middle manager to use in changing their management style, which is included as Appendix. The booklet first briefly explains the principles. It then discusses four vital goals that I have pursued as a middle manager that follows from these principles (improve communication, motivate staff by appealing to higher needs, create and build team, improve critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving) and some of the strategies I found useful to meet these goals. Finally, the booklet provides 5 specific examples of change I made with the results: from mistrust to trust, from discouragement to empowerment, from conflicts to consensus, from uninspiring to effective brainstorming sessions and from chaotic to effective meetings.