Critical and Creative Thinking for Corporate Managers

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Open Access Capstone

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Master of Arts (MA)

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John R. Murray


The need for critical and creative thinking (CCT) in the affairs of mankind has never been so great. The rate of change in all areas of life continues to increase, bringing with those changes problems that need solutions. To meet this need, problem solving, supported and integrated with critical and creative thinking skills, is now receiving increased attention at all levels of education. But the need for solutions to today's problems can't wait for the next generation. The author argues that there is a great need for CCT training in the business world and especially in the corporate sector. The author addresses this need by presenting a five half-day seminar curriculum to introduce basic CCT skills and strategies to corporate managers. The seminars are designed to accomplish the following: Instill an awareness of mind among managers that includes and emphasizes metacognition (i. e. thinking about thinking). Introduce managers to critical and creative thinking skills and strategies in managerial problem solving situations. Acquaint managers with the principles necessary to create and support a critical and creative thinking environment in their workplace. Provide follow-up assessment in the form of pre and post seminar surveys designed to elicit evidence of possible conceptual change in participants, as well as other evaluative factors. The thesis introduces a theoretical and practical framework that supports the curriculum in a number of areas including critical and creative thinking, metacognition, problem solving and conceptual change. The thesis attempts to introduce conceptual change in the following areas: Mind as a manageable resource and the concept of managing this resource for thinking. Metacognition as am important thinking skill for managers. Critical thinking as an essential ingredient in problem solving. Guidelines for a classroom and workplace environment that encourages and supports CCT are developed. The guidelines are demonstrated in the seminar environment and also taught to seminar participants as management principles to be implemented in their workareas. These principles are designed to encourage and support CCT in the workplace for both managers and the employees they manage, creating businesses in which everyone values and practices critical and creative thinking.


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