Using Computer Technology to Teach Thinking

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Open Access Capstone

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Master of Arts (MA)

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John R. Murray


The successful reform of education in America will center on student learning and will bring together three seemingly separate agendas: student outcomes that reflect deep understanding and higher order thinking skills, curriculum that includes well-integrated uses of technology, and professional development for teachers that incorporates the two previously named agendas Each of these initiatives alone has potential to impact education positively, but any single one in the absence of the other two will not be as effective. This thesis examines the state of education today with regard to student goals and outcomes and teacher education and training. It is the finding of this thesis that schools do not set strong student goals and that the inclusion of critical and creative thinking skills is markedly absent from those goals. The author finds that student goals relevant to critical and creative thinking are crucial to education and that to teach with such goals and objectives will require extensive teacher training. This thesis goes on to demonstrate that technology is a great tool to use for the infusion of critical and creative thinking skills into the curriculum. Computer technology can be seen as a tool for thought, and teachers can encourage the use of the computer as such. Chapter four, the culmination of this thesis, is a pre-service teacher preparation course which incorporates both integration of technology and infusing teaching with higher order thinking skills outcomes. The course design and philosophy bring together the three agendas: student goals of critical and creative thinking, the incorporation of technology into the curriculum, and extensive teacher training focused on sound pedagogical techniques.


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