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Open Access Capstone

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Master of Arts (MA)

First Advisor

Peter Taylor


This synthesis reflects my exploration of the theories of constructivist learning, explicit teaching, and social learning in the context of my work as instructor at Children's Technology Workshop- a company that runs creative technology programs for children. I provide a description of each theory with examples based on my experience at CTWorkshop and claim that while constructivist learning and explicit teaching do have some noticeable differences, they share the common element of social learning opportunities. Additionally, I argue that constructivist learning and explicit teaching are not necessarily incompatible approaches to education, but can be effectively combined to minimize the deficits and utilize the strengths of each, and such a combined approach to instruction can enhance the social learning opportunities available in the educational environment of CTWorkshop's icamp program. Since this paper is reflective of my own, personal experiences working in a particular educational environment, I do not except that the specific uses of these theories described in this paper will necessarily pertain to the educational settings in which others may work; however, my intent is not to design a plan for others to use in their own instruction, but rather inspire others by my example to think more deeply about their own methods of instruction. As my reflective conclusion explains, the process of working on this project has affected me deeply, and I hope this paper may motivate others to seek their own insights.


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