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Open Access Capstone

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Master of Arts (MA)

First Advisor

Peter Taylor

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Nina Greenwald


We live in a world where documentation and record keeping are considered not only necessary but also essential. This documentation produces and unprecedented amount of paperwork. Keeping track of this volume of paper is a task of monumental proportions. Faced with this task, I sought to sell the idea of an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) to the senior staff of the governmental agency that employs me. Participation in the Creative Critical Thinking Program at the University of Massachusetts Boston, has afforded me the opportunity to formulate an implementation scheme to accomplish this. Included in my synthesis project are the documented advantages and disadvantages of using an EDMS. These findings consist of explanations of what has been done in the agency so far and how further development would help the agency in the future. EDMS can enhance the agency’s ability to achieve greater value in its business practices and processes. A review of case studies provides comparative insight into possible problems that could and are encountered in implementation of an EDMS within an organization. Problems such as staff fear of the unknown and resistance to change group process along with communication breakdown. This is where CCT processes of problem solving using dialogue, group communication enhancement/involvement, and other thinking skills come into play. I identify the key components I would employ to change the existing work culture, set up training programs and enhance the aspects of team effort that will contribute to my successful implementation plan. This synthesis has provided an opportunity for me to form a collective documented approach with accumulated knowledge and schema for a successful implementation plan. This paper concludes with my reflective perspective on lessons learned, new problems identified, hopes for future development and personal educational aspirations.