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Open Access Capstone

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Patricia D. Davidson

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Hilary Hopkins

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Steven Schwartz


How many times have we said that we're not creative? What do we mean by “not creative?” This paper looks at the creative process as an innate and ongoing process which exists in each of us, with or without our being aware of it. We call on this process daily without knowing that we are participating in a creative process. We use creative processes for avoiding engagement in the creative process. We use creative processes for avoiding situations which might involve our perceived noncreativity. Because we are unaware of our participation, we assume that our creative processes do not exist. These issues are discussed in Chapter I. Chapter II looks at how we regard our own previous panoramas of the creative process our perceptions of our own and other persons' creative processes, Einsteilung as one way by which we look into these views beyond the time when they might be inapplicable, and the possible use of reperception as an unbinding of the past and a new viewing of the present for considering creative processes in ourselves and others. As an overview of the creative process, Chapter III is a literature search which helps us understand why creative processes are so difficult to recognize and describe. We learn that no two writers view creative processes in the same way, that creative processes have many facets and exist on numerous planes, that we cannot return to a specific point in a creative process and describe it exactly, and that creative processes are basically inexplicable because we lack a specific creative process vocabulary for an explanation. One commonality emerges if we look at creative processes from a wide overview: creative processes are basically processes of reperception. If we are to view ourselves as creative then we need to look at ourselves anew, to reperceive ourselves as being creative Having decided to view ourselves as being creative, we will be more able to access our innate creative process and build on it to enhance our lives.