Looking Forward Looking Back: A Retrospective of Writing

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Open Access Capstone

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Master of Arts (MA)


In this paper, the author traces her development as a writer from her childhood to the present, with particular emphasis on the years 1984 and 1996. She draws from the work of writing and creativity theorists including Elbow, Murray, Hampl, David, Cameron, Wallace, and Fox. Included in the text and its appendix are some of the author’s personal narratives and poems which relate to the major milestones in her development. Related journal entries and early drafts of these works are also included. From her study of the creative process in general and the writing process in particular, the author concludes that, for her, writing has been and will continue to be a valuable life long activity. She has found it to be a powerful means to self knowledge and discovery. It has helped her to respond with resilience to times of pain and pleasure. It is an activity which she looks forward to continuing for the rest of her life.


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