Promoting a Healthier Life-Style by Bridging the 'Life-Times' Gap

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Open Access Capstone

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Delores B. Gallo


This paper traces the evolutionary transformation of a small town New England native, who was traditionally raised and educated. She went from a conventional Western-medicine trained nurse, and an adherent of Roman Catholicism, to a holistic therapy practitioner. Spiritual healing, visualization, relaxation, hypnosis, and past-life regression are utilized as part of the healing process, on the self-actualized journey to wellness. The paper begins with a selective review of related literature, offering both empirical evidence of the mind/body connection, and proceeds with anecdotal evidence of the medical efficacy of relaxation, visualization, hypnosis, and past-life regression therapy. It ends with an account of three case studies, and statements from the subjects.


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