Emergent Creativity: A Case Study

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Open Access Capstone

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Delores B. Gallo


A recognition and analysis of the complexity involved in trying to understand what creativity is and how the creative process works is the essence of this paper. I chose to record as a case study the creative process involved in developing a children’s book based upon the achievements and experiences of three Massachusetts women who participated in the All American Girls Professional Baseball League. The AAGPBL, as it is called, pioneered the effort of the participation of women in organized professional baseball. There is currently a need for books, written for young readers, with young girl athletes as role models. The intent of this project is to create a story that validates the athletic passion, drive, abilities, and love of sport for all girl athletes. The All American Girls Professional Baseball League is an example of a time gone by when the national pastime of baseball became a true experience for all ballplayers regardless of gender. The evolution of the project as it happened is presented with accompanying analysis. The influence of the critical and creative thinking theorists, Howard E. Gruber, Teresa Amabile, Delores Gallo, Sharon Bailin, Richard Paul, and others are evident and provide structure to the analysis. This work contains a theoretical framework, an introduction to Mary Pratt, Maddy English and Dottie Green, (three women baseball players under discussion), an overview of the proposed work of adolescent fiction, and an in-depth presentation and discussion of one chapter of the book. When the project was finished I had not definite creativity but rather chronicled an emergent experience within an evolving creative process.


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