A Plan for a Community Education Center in Japan

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Open Access Capstone

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Peter Taylor


This synthesis sketches the process of my evolution in finding wholeness within myself and in connection to others—as an individual, member of society, and practitioner in the context of planning a community education center in Japan. The writing describes my journey towards creating my own niche through recognizing the misfit between my style and my surrounding environment, believing in what was seen by others as a shortcoming as originality, absorbing information from a variety of environments and reflecting on it, understanding my trans-cultural history in Japan and the United States, receiving consistent support from and communicating with people who are accepting, learning from a model—the Cambridge Center for Adult Education—that resembled my vision, thinking outside the box, and estimating the forthcoming obstacles. It reveals how I have synthesized the above to let something new emerge. The writing is comprised of five major chapters; my background, my reasons for wanting to found a community education center, what I learned from my internship experience, my thinking into the future about what kind of an institution I want to create, and finally, the challenges I might face and my need for personal growth. This project should be a useful reference not only for someone who is interested in a similar venture, but anyone who seeks to start something for the good of oneself and all by utilizing one’s originality.


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