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Master of Arts (MA)

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Nina Greenwald


The dual purpose of this position paper is to communicate both the kinds of thinking needed to make rapid operational changes in business organizations and the kinds of thinking needed to sustain these while further changes are being incorporated. Promoting sustainable change in business operations is a process of adaptation characterized by strategic steps taken by an organization to stay competitive in the global business environment. Specifically, this paper focuses on industries that involve complex manufacturing or production operations that need improvement. It is directed to managers, supervisors and technicians who wish to incorporate efficient sustainable change in production. It is proposed that standard approaches such as Quality Improvement Methodologies (QIM) are enhanced through learning to use critical and creative thinking dispositions (habits of mind) and strategies for achieving rapid, sustainable operational change in business organizations. QIM can yield far better results when the training is implemented through phases of learning with thinking dispositions and strategies. This will result in an organization's ability to adapt quickly to changes necessary for remaining competitive in global markets.


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