Developing the Critical Literacy Web

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Open Access Capstone

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Master of Arts (MA)


The rapid advancement of communications technology in the past decade has given rise to widespread speculation about how educational and informational matter might best be presented. As Neil Postman points out, the “imperial age of typography” is over. The linear presentation of ideas in simple text form has given way to other methods, from hypertext presentation to complex audio-visual orchestrations. In trying to create a project that embodies the spirit of Critical and Creative Thinking (CCT), I have taken advantage of advancing technology to present information concerning CCT in an interactive format that allows the learner to explore the subject in both its academic and everyday manifestations. I have designed a World Wide Web site, called the Critical Literacy Web, that introduces site visitors to the academic origins and content of CCT, and invites visitors to explore CCT as it can be applied in their lives. The site also links to various selected resources elsewhere on the web that are relevant to CCT.


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