The Process of Creating an Information Public Presentation: A Speech on Comprehensive Sexuality Education

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Open Access Capstone

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Peter Taylor


Most importantly, I want to help others! Put me on the stage! Let me be out front! The correlation between performing and helping others was made through many CCT free-writing exercises and reflections. Being comfortable on a stage has always been second nature to me. Growing up with the JOY (Jesus, Others, Yourself) belief of my Methodist Minister Grandfather has been ingrained in my brain. Through CCT my passion was developed and encouraged. Professionally speaking on subjects that help others is my true passion. My present field is Sexuality and HIV/AIDS Education. I feel it is important to teach these subjects through a Comprehensive Sexuality Education format. This format allows all people to grow into sexually healthy adults. I first explored literature on how to effectively write and give a speech directed to President Bush. The speech was written and then came the budget cuts to the HIV/AIDS programs of Centers for Disease Control. Immediately I put the tool of free writing /reflecting into action. The conclusions derived from reflecting on reflections and allowed me to see a great future in professional speaking with a message to help others. I feel safe in taking chances with my creative traits in my future speeches. My passion has become driven to drive down many exciting new roads.


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