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Open Access Capstone

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Arthur Millman


When transitioning between organizational cultures, an individual can learn to identify and relate to the new culture by using organizational culture theories, understanding his or her own rate of adoption (the rate at which members of a social system adopt new ideas), and identifying with the behaviors of the employees of the new organization. By identifying the culture and behaviors of the new organization, an individual will know which behaviors are accepted within the new culture and which are not. A successful transition requires the letting go of the old, in collaboration with the accepting of the new. When a person is transitioning, he or she needs to cope with the grieving of his or her loss (of the past culture and environment) and the accepting of the new culture simultaneously. A person may realize different phases during his or her transition and can use these identified phases as guidelines to bring him or her through the transition. When the culture is finally adopted by the individual and the values and behaviors become shared with other employees of the organization and its culture, the person has successfully made the transition.


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