Inner Struggles, Outward Reach: An ADD'er Reflects on the Path towards an ADD Coaching Practice

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Open Access Capstone

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Peter Taylor


This reflective practitioner's narrative centers on vignettes that convey an inner struggle involving myself, my ADD, and my own experience with ADD, as well as the evolution of my thinking about my nascent ADD coaching practice. The knowledge and level of understanding that I have acquired through the various stages of this journey are irrelevant if I have notresolved my internal conflicts. These vignettes also provide an example of the type of writing I intend to continue to develop and expand upon. My hope is to construct a larger more substantial volume of work that serves to offer perspective and understanding to those who are in the midst of learning to navigate their own unique ADD experience. The audience I envision is a family sitting around the kitchen table (after dinner) reading their own individual copies of my article, book, or, in this case, synthesis. All are reading the same thing but each is finding a connection that resonates with them in some way that makes their experience with ADD more clear and hopeful.


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