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This issue of the Trotter Review focuses on a broad range of questions and issues concerning the economic development of the urban black community. This subject is timely and important given the continuing crisis surrounding the social and economic development of black communities in urban America. Poverty, poor health, unemployment, inadequate housing, and other related concerns, will continue to plague black communities to a greater extent than other communities until effective and comprehensive economic development strategies can be developed and pursued.

This issue of the Trotter Review challenges the notion suggested by some that the pursuit of economic development strategies in black communities is futile and wasteful. Some observers have argued that public policy to develop the black community economically should not be pursued, but, instead, the means to escape it should be enlarged and made accessible. Many individuals who make this claim are not familiar with the grassroots, everyday potential resources that can be tapped in these communities. In various ways, this issue of the Trotter Review touches upon some of these resources, as well as the strategies that might be considered in pursuing more effective economic and community development.


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