Poor leadership is often the cause for the inept functioning and eventual collapse of an organization or agency. This is because the leader sets the tone and to a great extent determines whether or not an organization will be viable. Leon T. Nelson, president of the Greater Roxbury Chamber of Commerce, has done his utmost to live up to the organization's motto, "Quod facis bene fac," which means doing whatever you do as well as you possibly can.

In a community that underwent drastic demographic changes during the 1970s and 1980s, when numerous businesses led the "white flight" to suburbia, like so many cities in America at the time; in a community that City Hall has ignored, where quality education no longer exists, where unemployment remains exceptionally high, where infant mortality rates continue to skyrocket, where there are no newsstands or newspaper vending machines on any corner, where there is crime, where there is only one supermarket, Leon T. Nelson, as president of the GRRC, has made a Samson-like stance to cede no more ground to dismay and deterioration. He is constantly working to fulfill his pledge to improve the economic, political, and social life in Roxbury.


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