Volume 12, Issue 1 (2000) Women of Color and Economic Development

We are proud to share with our readers the second annual issue of the Trotter Review. Since the first issue in 1984, the Trotter Review has grown to become a popular journal with a national and international readership. The journal has been particularly praised for its presentation and balance of scholarship informed by activism. We are currently planning future issues along the following themes: the experiences of Black children and the Black community with public schools; the historical and contemporary relationships between the Black and Native-American communities in the United States; and the role of Black educators in community service learning.

This issue, Women of Color and Economic Development, focuses on the experiences of women with economic development, a theme that is reflected in all the articles. This collection of articles shows clearly that a focus on the experiences of women in communities of color is a critical element for successful economic empowerment strategies and programs.

Front Matter



James Jennings


Women Creating Social Capital and Social Change
Marilyn Gittell, Isolda Ortega-Bustamante, and Tracey Steffy


Black Women in the Economy: Facing Glass Ceilings in Academia
Bette Woody, Diane Brown, and TeResa Green

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James Jennings
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Harold Horton
Managing Editor
Anne Gathuo
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Richard L. O'Bryant