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This is our first annual issue of the Trotter Review. The reader will notice that it is longer than previous issues. A major increase in the number and quality of articles submitted to the Trotter Institute for publication consideration, motivated a change from a bi-annual to an annual edition. We have also decided to formalize a refereed and invitational framework for selecting articles for publication due to the increased number of submissions. As the reader may know, the Trotter Review has utilized a thematic approach to each issue since 1991. This practice will continue since it allows the journal to have a major impact on dialogues about challenges facing the Black community in this nation. Another practice which continues with the inauguration of this annual issue is the balance between theory and praxis that has been reflected in earlier issues. We will continue to reach out to scholars and activists to write for the Trotter Review, but very importantly write in ways that facilitate the utilization of their knowledge and experiences for broad civic and professional audiences.

Our last issue focused on challenges facing the Black church in the United States and in other nations. The current issue focuses on challenges related to the advancement of racial diversity in higher education. The next annual issue will be devoted to challenges facing women of color who are involved with the economic development of their communities, both in the United States and other societies.

This issue of the Trotter Review, "Diversity, Pedagogy and Higher Education: Challenges, Lessons, and Accomplishments," reflects the thinking of a range of educators and activists who grapple with many facets of a complicated, and critical matter. And, that is, how do we ensure that knowledge, and the training and education preparation of our youth and society, especially in colleges and universities, is designed and implemented in ways that reflect the ideals of social democracy, and includes the experiences of all people as equally significant?


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