One of the greatest ironies of the Caribbean community in New York is, that it is at one and the same time, both "power-full" and powerless. Its power lies essentially in a relatively untapped and latent potential, whereas its powerlessness rests in its virtual immobilization as an ethnic group. By dint of sheer numbers the Caribbean presence, whether solely anglophone/West Indian, or more broadly representative of the wider Caribbean Basin, is a formidable force to reckon with, since over 30 percent of the immigrant population of New York is Caribbean. In fact, they are among the fastest growing immigrant groups. Just a cursory look at the Labor Day Carnival in Brooklyn provides dazzling proof of a dynamic physical presence that has explosive social, cultural, and economic potential, which has not yet been harnessed for a sustained development agenda capable of transforming the political image and influence of Caribbean immigrants in New York.


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