On April 23, 1993, the John W. McCormack Institute of Public Affairs celebrated its tenth anniversary. To mark the occasion, the Institute established the John Joseph Moakley Award for Distinguished Public Service, which will be awarded annually to a man or woman whose contribution to the public good merits our most grateful acknowledgment. The first recipient of the award was Congressman John Joseph Moakley, Chairman of the House Rules Committee, one of the most powerful and influential positions in Congress.

Among those who paid tribute to Congressman Moakley were Michael E. Haynes, Minister, Twelfth Baptist Church, Boston; Raymond G. Torto, Director, John W. McCormack Institute of Public Affairs; Raymond L. Flynn, Mayor of Boston; Sherry H. Penney, Chancellor, University of Massachusetts Boston; Michael K. Hooker, President, University of Massachusetts; the Honorable David E. Bonior, Majority Whip, U.S. House of Representatives; the Honorable Thomas P. O'Neill, Jr., former Speaker, U.S. House of Representatives; the Honorable William M. Bulger, President, Massachusetts Senate; the Honorable Charles F. Flaherty, Speaker, Massachusetts House of Representatives; and Duncan Nelson, Poet Laureate and Professor of English, University of Massachusetts Boston.

In place of our usual Editor's Note, we reproduce here Professor Nelson's ode to the John W. McCormack Institute of Public Affairs because we want to share its sentiments with you our readers, who continue to make possible the publication of the New England Journal of Public Policy.

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